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Handyman or Contractor ? Differences

Keeping your home or business in good condition is a tough job. Water pipes may leak; toilets can overflow, and the electricity can go out in the blink of an eye. Property owners must also pay close attention to how the outside looks, as to not violate any city code violations. A handyman or professional contractor may be consulted for these issues – but there are major differences in the qualifications and duties of each profession. Handyman Squad have qualified professionals for both your To-Do lists and renovation projects.

Do you hire a contractor or a handyman?

A handyman can be a great choice for smaller home repairs like painting, carpentry, minor plumbing, drywall installation and repair, light electrical work, installation of appliances and furniture etc. Homeowners are better served by handymen for these smaller jobs mainly because of their lower labour rates and the convenience of having multiple jobs completed in one service call.

Larger, more complicated jobs that include major electrical or plumbing work are best left to licensed electrical and plumbing contractors. Their labour rates are significantly higher than that of a handyman but they are better equipped to go beyond the scope of service which handymen can provide,

No matter whom you hire for which job it is always important you know exactly what you want in a project and communicate that. These days contractors and handymen are very similar in their approach, especially with more contractors developing an all-around approach, which makes the decision on whom you should hire that much more confusing.

Before you hire, make a list of what you need done. Include as much detail as you can so the company can determine if your requests are within their abilities. Have this list on hand when you call to make an appointment. Talk through your list with the handyman or contractor. Most professionals are going to tell you up front if it's a job outside their area of expertise. In the case of some of the larger handyman shops, knowing what jobs you need done often determines which employee they send to your house.

Differences, Contractor vs. Handyman

A handyman service can be a great choice for home repairs, especially for homeowners who need help with smaller jobs, or those who have a variety of projects. Some of these tradesmen and women can even tackle complicated jobs that include electrical and plumbing work but be sure they are licensed for those trades if it's required in your area.

A contractor tends to concentrate on larger jobs or a more specialized field that could require a license or special certification. If you are planning a room addition or a kitchen remodel, for example, a contractor would be better suited for your project. These jobs may last several weeks or months, whereas a handyman's work may be done in just a few hours.

As a full service company Handyman Squad provides both handyman and contractor services and has been serving the GTA for over 16 years, and we are proud to have served 1000's of customers. We are considered "Trusted Advisors" to our customers.

Call, email today for a free consultation and estimate. Tel: GTA 1.866.273.7602 / 416.738.3237 E:

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