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House Painting & Touch Ups - Handyman Squad

                            Our painting experts know the art of painting

professional paint finish can only be achieved by having the right tools and the proper techniques to do the job properly. Our pros are experts in painting. From painting a single room to an entire house, we will get the job done smoothly, quickly and without a mess. 


Our skilled painters are also experts in colour selection and matching and can offer shade and texture suggestions to suit any decor. We are also detail oriented, so we ensure that all work areas and furnishings are "prepped" and protected from paint splatter, making sure to clean up right after the job is finished.


We stand behind our work ensuring 100% quality and satisfaction every time.


Here are some of the painting services which we offer



  • Touch Ups

  • Interior Painting

  • Exterior painting

  • Colour matching

  • Accent & Contrast Colours

  • Doors, Casing, Baseboard & Mouldings.


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