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At Handyman Squad we're always looking to hire unique individuals who are neat, organized and customer service oriented, with the talent and experience to match. Our handymen are not only talented, but motivated and creative also, with the ability to think on their feet and sometimes able to develop solutions to problems where there was none previously. Our new and repeat customers continue to keep us very busy because we continue to maintain a high level of customer service within our organization and we owe a lot of that success to our dedicated servicemen. Our servicemen, in turn, continue to enjoy the benefits of being kept busy every day, just the way it should be.


So If you're a talented and experienced handyman, carpenter, plumber, drywall technician or renovator with at least 10 years experience in your field, you may want to contact us and discover the family working atmosphere here at Handyman Squad. You get to work independently and sometimes as a team, depending on your expertise and size of project. You'll be guaranteed to have a busy time with us.


You're invited to send us a resume' of your work history and experience and we'll be happy to review it. Send all information and attachments to :




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